After the last gubernatorial debate held at the Bushnell, The Shad noted that state employee unions may rightly feel like they have a target on their backs. And comments by Republican candidate Tom Foley only further gives credence to the fact that Foley’s implausible claims about tackling the state’s $3.4 billion state budget deficit without raising taxes is bad news for the unions. Two articles by reporters who are true pros and Shad favorites tell the whole story.

The New Haven Register’s Mary O’Leary yesterday wrote about Foley floating an idea that as governor, he wouldn’t have to abide by union contracts in certain situations. “Declaring a fiscal emergency allows a governor to no longer be bound by the union contracts,” Foley told the Register. O’Leary also writes about other ideas Foley has to address with state budget deficit without tax increases. Democrat Dan Malloy, having balanced budgets in the city of Stamford for 14 years, says he would squeeze as much savings as possible out of state government and then “everything is on the table” with the exception of social service safety net. He doesn’t rule out tax increases.’s Keith Phaneuf then picks up the story, noting that even those that think effectively nullifying state employee union contracts is possible don’t think it’s a good idea.