Many politicians would have folded the tent and gone home after going through what state secretary of the state Susan Bysiewicz went through this election cycle. After establishing an early lead in the race for the Democratic nomination for governor, she jumped races and started a run for attorney general. Then the wheels came off.

Bysiewicz similarly established a lead in the race for AG when Republicans challenged her qualifications as it pertained to the requirement that an AG have 10 years of “active practice” as an attorney—the term undefined. She won in court, lost on appeal and now is nowhere on any ballot for 2010.

While some say her ambition got the best of her, the plain fact is that it took a lawsuit over a vague and arbitrary requirement to keep her down. Yet the most impressive aspect of the story is that she’s back, working hard in her current position. She is a guest on Sunday’s edition of FOX-CT’s “The Real Story” which I co-hosted with Laurie Perez, taped Thursday night.

Bysiewicz was sharp and ready with the figures and information about the upcoming election. I asked the inevitable question about whether she would run for US Senate in 2012 (Sen. Joe Lieberman’s seat). She said, quite forthcoming this far out, that “you never know.” Bysiewicz is one of the hardest-working, tenacious politicians in the state. Expect her to get back in the political arena soon.