Media and politicos who for one reason or another can’t stand to see Democrat Richard Blumenthal in the US Senate simply couldn’t handle the news that the latest Quinnipiac University put the current attorney general ahead of Republican Linda McMahon by 11 points. The poll showed what many people thought would happen—McMahon has peaked and when she finally gives a glimpse of where she stands on the issues, it’s scary.

A sampling of reaction to the new numbers:
• Republican state party Chairman Chris Healy was silent. And as it turns out, that was the best move. Healy is smart and shrewd. He knows there is nothing to be gained by either bashing the poll (live by them, die by them) or continuing to harp on issues that will not swing voters’ to the McMahon column including the Vietnam flap and the death penalty.
• WTIC-AM radio midday personality Jim Vicevich almost lost his mind when talking (more like shrieking) about the news that Blumenthal once again has a double-digit lead. He often opens his show wild-eyed (well, I’m guessing since it’s radio) but yesterday he went off the wall whaling, “HOW CAN THIS BE????…SOME TELL ME HOW THIS CAN HAPPEN???…” I’ve always said that while I disagree with him on many issues, Vice is good radio. He is inching away, day by day, from that distinction.
• WTIC-AM afternoon drive hosts former Gov. John Rowland and Pastor Will Marotti also didn’t know what to say. They’ve been saying for weeks now that “this wrestling stuff” is not something they care about or something that should be brought up. Wrong. When you hang your political hat on your business experience, that business is fair game for examination. And when you examine the WWE (and its predecessor, the WWF), it’s ugly. I had high hopes for this radio show when it first began as far as it being good radio. It’s now a 3-hour commercial for Republicans running for office. Sad.
• WDRC-AM afternoon drive host Dan Lovallo simply turned his sites on Blumenthal’s stance on the death penalty. First, it kills me to even mention Lovallo since he is an embarrassment to radio; taking to the mic every day with no regard for fact—he is simply not factual in his statements. He’s not “lying,” he just doesn’t do enough show prep to get basic facts right. He is entitled to his opinion. He’s not entitled to his own “facts.” Lovallo quoted similarly irrelevant, ex-politico and failed gubernatorial candidate Tom Scott about Blumenthal’s stance through the years on the death penalty. Hello? He’s running for US Senate and no one cares if he’s changed his stance over many years on what is a state issue—assuming he did. I didn’t care enough to look it up.

The fact is, barring a last minute bomb dropped on Blumenthal by McMahon’s high-priced op-research, McMahon may well be finished.