“Atrocity” may seem too harsh a word; usually reserved for “violent evil” and the like. But a close examination of Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley’s plan for health care in Connecticut shows it could very well result in loss of benefits that could keep people alive. And it could do so for people who already have those benefits despite what Foley’s television ads say.

Foley’s “core benefits” plan has gotten nowhere near the scrutiny it deserves. In a nutshell, Foley has proposed exempting businesses that don’t offer insurance for their workers and for those whose costs exceed a certain percentage (that certain percentage undefined) of payroll from including health care mandates. The latter is the point that would result in lost benefits for workers who already have them. And again, that’s despite the falsehood Foley includes in his ads.

Foley’s now-running TV ad claims that no one who currently has them would lose their health benefits…and that “a governor can’t even do that.” Those statements are blatantly untrue. Call it whatever you want—a falsehood, a fabrication, a lie. If Foley means what he says (and what is on his website) then his proposal does take away benefits some people currently have. It’s that simple.

Benefits that would not have to be offered (because they’re state mandates) include pap smears, mammograms, prenatal care and as Democratic candidate Dan Malloy’s TV commercial so effectively points out, wigs for cancer patients and hearing aids (that TV spot may be the most effective of the entire election cycle).

Finally, Foley has made it clear he plans to slam state employee unions for givebacks to balance the state budget without any new revenue at all. One doesn’t have to be a labor attorney to figure out that means changes to their health care plans. Or maybe not. After all, a governor can’t even do that.