At this point in a campaign, in any debate, most strategists and handlers would advise their candidate to primarily avoid any gaffes. A major mistake is the mostly likely reason voters could change their minds before the election which is two weeks from today.

But The Shad is hoping Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy calls out his Republican opponent Tom Foley on his incredibly contradictory statements about his position on health care—Foley’s notorious “core benefits” plan. According to his website and some comments to reporters, Foley’s plan would exempt from state mandates companies that spend a certain percentage of their payroll on health plans. Despite “mandates” being a dirty word in politics these days, in this case they include mammograms, prenatal care, the now-famous wigs for cancer patients and many, many more.

Yet Foley continues to run a campaign ad that claims he would never take away someone’s health care services and that “a governor can’t even do that.” The “core benefits” plan and the campaign ad are in severe conflict with each other and Foley should account for that.

If Malloy chief strategist Roy Occhiogrosso gets his way, his candidate will be all over this issue at this afternoon’s debate (3 pm, Fairfield University, broadcast by WFSB-TV and CPTV / WNPR radio). Both Malloy and Occhiogrosso understand the importance of the next governor understanding the importance of keeping people healthy. They understand that keeping people healthy now when problems are less chronic and less expensive is much better than dealing with them later when illnesses are life-threatening and cost a fortune to treat. Malloy gets this. Foley does not.