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Why Doug Jones Will Win in Alabama

I could hit you, my readers, with stats, polling, analysis, precedent, or insight. But the bottom line reason I think Doug Jones will win the Alabama US Senate race is because I still believe in the fundamental goodness of people in this country. Such a view may be naïve but it’s where I am—at least […]

Moore Decision is Here and Now

There hasn’t been a Roy Moore sighting in days. The Incredible Shrinking Republican Alabama Senate candidate looks like he is going just ride it out. Who can blame him? There’s very little upside to spending the remaining time in the campaign denying he even knew any of the women who accuse him of sexual assault […]

Trump Becoming Unglued

Sure, we’ve seen parts of this movie before: the (re)tweets that are completely disconnected from reality; the insults of political rivals; the innuendo about a settled criminal case; the embracing of conspiracy theories; the re-litigating of past incidents; the outright lies. We’ve seen them before but not all at once and not all in 48 […]