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‘The Mooch’ Wrecking Ball

Even by the bizarre, paranoid, in-fighting standards of the Trump administration, the arrival of new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has been nothing less than a seismic event. First, he threatens the jobs of everyone in the White House communications shop. Then, he went ballistic over the “leaking” of his financial disclosure information (the […]

Marty Walsh Has a Confession to Make

By Neil Swidey, July 18, 2017 Boston Globe Magazine STANDING ON THE BACK of a flatbed truck, Mayor Marty Walsh and Governor Charlie Baker fire their air horns into the June sky. That unleashes a current of more than 2,000 runners wearing bibs on their chests and buds in their ears. The Corrib Classic 5K […]

When Politicians Need a Smack

Lest I be accused of promoting violence, here’s my disclaimer: Violence is (almost) never the answer. I don’t condone a physical response to most things. That said, there are times when politicians need a smack in the head so they start to realize their boorish, sometimes criminal behavior toward reporters has consequences. The first glaring […]