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Time for Republicans, Real ‘Good People’ to Act

“Replied the Scorpion, ‘it’s my nature…’” As the nation picks its collective jaw off the floor, the natural question is, “What now?” The answer is, it’s time for Republicans to not only denounce racism, white supremacists, neo-Nazis and their violence, they must finally, fully, abandon ship. So too, must every decent American who didn’t want […]

Dems’ Message is Weak, Messengers Even Weaker

You’re forgiven if you didn’t notice the attempt by Democratic leader in the US House and Senate to find a message beyond “Trump is a disaster.” The president’s constant, non-stop and superlative defying moves overshadow everything. But it’s not just the oxygen-sucking flow of Trump nonsense that caused the Dems’ “Better Deal” to fall flat. […]