Stephen Miller is More Frightening on TV

stephen miller

The shadowy immigration hawk who has President Trump’s ear is one scary character. Adviser Stephen Miller made a Sunday show appearance on FOX News Sunday. He simultaneously threatened, misdirected, avoided and frightened in an interview that will do little to quiet the talk that this guy is a Stepford White House aide. His robotic proclamations […]

Tough Day in Trump World: Travel Ban Nixed, SCOTUS Nominee ‘Disheartened,’ Conway Sells Ivanka?

Trump world

Thursday could very well be the worst day for Donald Trump since being inaugurated as our 45th president. Most importantly, the three-judge panel issued a complete repudiation of the Trump immigration and refugee travel ban. Also, Trump’s own Supreme Court nominee smacked Trump’s criticism of his fellow jurists. Then, in a much smaller but typical […]

MUST-SEE VIDEO: CNN’s Jake Tapper Schools Kellyanne Conway; Sen. McConnell Shuts Down Sen. Warren

tapper conway

Sometimes pictures tell the story much better than I can. First, after President Trump lied about the nation’s murder rate and whether media covers terrorist attacks, CNN’s Jake Tapper—who has become a brilliant purveyor of truth in the face of Trump fiction—let Kellyanne “Alternative-Facts” Conway really have it. Next, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell handed […]

Apropos of a Super Bowl


It’s taken me three days to sort through musings, emotion and thoughts about an improbable and historic New England Patriots Super Bowl victory. It’s The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of the Super Bowl.” Read it, learn it, love it. 1. Back from the dead. I’ll admit that I thought they were toast. The Atlanta Falcons piled […]