Russia is Russia is Russia, Right? Wrong

The masters of deflection, diversion and distraction—President Trump and his mouthpiece Sarah Huckabee Sanders—are doing an amazing job of muddying the water when it comes to Russian infiltration into our democracy. There is a huge difference between a Republican-initiated opposition research effort targeting then-candidate Trump and efforts by the Russian government—perhaps aided and/or coordinated by […]

Need More Evidence of Inequality? Girl Wins High School Golf Tournament, Trophy Goes to Top-Finishing Boy

First there was the US Women’s National Hockey Team winning a more equitable contract with USA Hockey. Then there was the case of the US Women’s National Soccer Team demanding—and winning—better pay, increased support for families of players and improved travel conditions. But don’t think for a minute these achievements make it down to the […]

An Extraordinary Day (Even in the Age of Trump)

Just when you thought we’ve hit bottom, we discover a crazy underground garage. John McCain, George W. Bush, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake—they’re lining up faster than President Trump can tweet them down. “They” are Republicans: respected, experienced, accomplished. In an extraordinary day that started with a back and forth between Corker and Trump and ended […]