Lembo Out, Wyman Should Not Be In

In what passes for a seismic shift this early in a 2018 gubernatorial campaign, consensus frontrunning Democrat Kevin Lembo, the Connecticut comptroller, is throwing in the towel on any potential bid for the top spot, opting instead for reelection. The race on the Democratic side certainly still has viable candidates but eyes are now on […]

Of Kaepernick, Free Speech, Free Association…

The controversy over unemployed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick not yet landing a job with team—including teams with worse QBs than him—is not particularly complicated when viewed through the eyes and experience of everyday, average Americans, especially those with even somewhat high-profile jobs. Kaepernick famously chose to kneel during the pregame playing of the national anthem […]

The Mother of All News Dumps

It’s a long-standing practice of politicians. Got controversial or potentially damaging news to be reported? Dump it on late Friday afternoon or evening in the hopes that people won’t be paying as much attention or at least not as much attention compared to the rest of the week. The Trump administration has it down to […]