Unfettered Bigotry: Everett (Mass.) City Councilor Spouts Racist, Ignorant Comments on Social Media

It isn’t often that one comes across comments so incredibly bigoted and uniformed, one has to reread it to make sure it’s real. But there is no mistaking it. Everett, Massachusetts City Councilor Stephen Simonelli’s written words reveal him to be the most dangerous kind of elected official—a bigot interested in representing only certain residents […]

Trump’s Unsettling Obsession with, Um, Size

If President Trump is embracing the Richard Nixon model of “madman foreign policy,” he is doing one hell of a job. Unfortunately for us, this is not 1972. We’re not dealing with the Soviets who were all-in on the theory that mutually assured destruction would keep the peace. Trump’s obsession with “size” could very well […]