GOP to Elderly, Lower-Income, Disabled: Drop Dead!

The latest information from the nonpartisan congressional budget office (CBO) is that the secret Senate Republican plan to “repeal and replace” Obamacare will leave 22 million people without health by insurance by 2026. Add that to what we (or our speed readers) already know about both the House and Senate versions: Medicaid will be slashed. […]

Free Speech is Not One Way

In recent months we have had some high-profile cases of free speech and its consequences. They are compelling cases of just how Americans interpret the First Amendment and how reactionary speech has become somehow second class expression. We’d all be wise to realize free speech is a right belonging to everyone. 1. Trinity College’s bigoted […]

Trump Lawyer: ‘He’s Not Under Investigation,’ ‘He Is,’ ‘He’s Not’

In what were dumbfounding, head-shaking and mind-numbing statements even by this president’s standards, an attorney for Donald Trump couldn’t keep his assertions straight, contradicting himself several times in the same appearance and leaving interviewers flabbergasted Sunday morning. Attorney Jay Sekulow appeared on several Sunday morning talk shows and directly contradicted President Trump’s own words and […]