New Foley Ad Decries “Students in Underperforming Schools” but where are the Kids of Color?


Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley is out with a new television ad that claims there are “100,000 students in underperforming schools” in Connecticut. Even if that number is correct—and it’s not—one would think many of those kids are African American or Hispanic, right? Yet Foley’s ad features him surrounded by white, nearly all-blond, well-dressed [...]

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What to Think About John Rowland…

Vector illustration of a man in jail

I first met John Rowland in 1988 when he was a congressman from Connecticut’s 5th district and I was a fresh-out-of college radio reporter in Danbury. He was impressive—smooth, engaging, smart and media savvy. In 1990, I was among the media members who “roasted” Rowland at a special event following his loss to Lowell Weicker [...]

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In Massachusetts, Coakley and Baker Statistically Tied; In New Hampshire, Shaheen and Brown Even


There are several high profile New England political races playing out including for governor’s office in Massachusetts and US Senate in New Hampshire. Recent polling shows that, like Malloy v. Foley in Connecticut, these two races are very close. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley turned back two other Democrats to secure the nomination (The Shad [...]

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