Republicans Hope to ‘Be in the Room’ for Next Step of the Budget Process

budget cuts 3

Citing the relative civility and mutual respect expressed by both sides in Connecticut’s budget process, the top Republican senator says GOP legislative leadership should be included in the next step of the budget process. Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano also says the Democratic-controlled Appropriations Committee’s budget has a spending cap problem. After the Finance Committee […]

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An Open Response to the National Review


Joe Markley’s mugging of Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is filled with inaccuracies, half-truths and the worst kind of ad hominem attacks. It’s beneath a state senator and certainly not worthy of the National Review which usually puts on at least a guise of journalistic integrity. Sen. Markley seems to have a problem with both Gov. […]

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The Alternative Budget Dance

Budget cuts sign

The dance goes like this: the minority party presents an alternative state budget; the majority says, “thanks for coming aboard—we’ll listen; the governor’s office pans the alternative; the majority state party says the alternative plan is a fraud; the minority party thanks the majority and ignores the governor and the state party. Got that? If […]

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Malloy, Baker and Craps


It’s not on the agenda but it’s quite possible that when they get together Thursday, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy and Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker will chat about an issue that roils both states—casinos. Malloy, Baker and the rest of the New England Governors Association meet Thursday at the convention center in Hartford to talk energy. […]

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