Murphy: Putin is “Unhinged”

Murphy gesturing 2

Connecticut US Sen. Chris Murphy shook things up on the issue of Russia and Ukraine Thursday in an appearance on CNN. Even host Carol Costello was taken aback when Murphy described Russian leader Vladimir Putin as “unhinged.”

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GOP Candidates for Governor Cower to Anti-Gun Control Forces

gun control

A troubling trend is coursing through the field of Republican candidates for governor. The top tier contenders are either waffling, fencing sitting or outright flip-flopping on the issue of gun control particularly whether they would sign legislation that would repeal the tough, post-Sandy Hook gun control laws. It’s pandering at its worst and the Big [...]

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Dems’ DiNardo Throws the FBI at GOP’s Foley


The state Democratic Party has been issuing a steady stream of news releases slamming 2010 Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley. Tuesday party chair Nancy DiNardo stepped it up a bit, asking Foley to answer questions about possible FBI involvement and the toxic and indicted John Rowland. Rowland had was has been described as an advisory [...]

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Williams Would Bring Gravitas to Quinebaug Valley CC


Critics questioning outgoing state Senate President Don Williams’ pursuit of the presidency of Quinebaug Valley Community College (QVCC) are missing something very important. Having Williams at the top of the school’s staff listing brings a certain seriousness and gravitas that can’t be measured by a résumé. He’d be a perfect choice for the job. Many [...]

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