Mass. Dem Party Turns Back on Students

smart student

Democrats are all about equality, lifting up the disadvantaged and helping them have the same opportunities as the wealthy, right? It’s true as long as unions aren’t involved. But when the interests of labor run up against the interests of the less fortunate, unions win every time. The latest example of this is the Massachusetts […]

The Race to the Bottom in Our Country

Hillary Trump crazy

I can see the bumper stickers now:  Decision 2016: Vote Liar over Lunatic! Okay, “liar” and “lunatic” are harsh terms but ask yourself, are they accurate in plain language? The answer is yes and there is more than enough evidence to support both labels. As I have written before, this country is in a race […]

Sacred Heart Actively Promoting Trump Event

SHU crest

Despite claiming it is not a school-sponsored event, Sacred Heart University in Fairfield is activity promoting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally scheduled to be held on campus Saturday. Social media burned up with angry SHU alumni when word came that Trump would hold a rally at the Pitt Center. Most claimed Trump’s rhetoric should […]