Fasano Tells Malloy (As He Told ‘The Shad’ Last Monday) that Signing a Tax-Increasing Budget Is a Breach of His ‘No New Taxes’ Pledge

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On Monday, The Hanging Shad asked both state Senate President Marty Looney and Minority Leader Len Fasano whether it would constitute a violation of his no-new-taxes campaign pledge if Gov. Dannel Malloy ended up signing a budget that does just that—even if he didn’t propose it. Looney said no, that the budget process is a […]

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If Malloy Signs a Budget with Increased Taxes, Does his Break His Pledge? Fasano: ‘Absolutely!’ Looney: ‘Not at All!’


It’s looking increasingly like the new, two-year state budget will have some tax increases somewhere in it—possibly on the wealthiest residents and on corporations. During the last gubernatorial campaign, Gov. Dannel Malloy pledged to not raise taxes and he didn’t propose any himself. So, the (more than) academic question becomes, if Malloy signs a state […]

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