Bernie Sanders Needs a Reality Check

bernie cartoon

Follow The Hanging Shad on Twitter @thehangingshad. Massachusetts readers! Stay up to date on all things political in the Bay State by subscribing to MASSterList. It’s free! He hedges his bets at every turn—he will “in all likelihood” vote for Hillary Clinton but he refuses so far to endorse her. He claims Clinton has to […]

At-Risk GOP Senators Flush with Gun Money

gun money flag

Republican US senators fighting for their political life this election year have gotten tens and thousands of dollars from the gun lobby. They may have their eyes on how to avoid a down-ticket drag from presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump but perhaps they should look toward a possible backlash from the fact the gun lobby […]

The Extraordinary Move by US Sen. Murphy

murphy filibuster

US Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut has simply had enough. He took some heat in the aftermath of the San Bernadino massacre for saying we can keep our “thoughts and prayers”–they’re not nearly enough. Now he’s launched a filibuster on the Senate floor to protest inaction by Congress on gun control. No matter what Donald […]