Former candidate for 2nd district Congress Janet Peckinpaugh has filed an amendment to its 2010 finance report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Feb. 2. The amended filing comes days after state Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo filed a formal complaint saying of Peckingpaugh, “She is one of the worst offenders of campaign finance law that I’ve seen in years.”

Paul Maxwell, treasurer for Peckinpaugh for Congress said, “To ensure that the campaign complied with all regulations regarding the federal campaign finance law, the campaign amended its federal election reports, adding additional information in subcategories.” Peckinpaugh lost the race to US Rep. Joe Courtney.

Peckinpaugh currently is running in a Feb. 22 special election for the 36th state House of Representatives District.

“Any omission from the reports was clearly an oversight,” Peckinpaugh said. “Criticism of the filing is simply an attempt to distract voters from my opponent’s support for Governor Malloy’s intention to allow local governments to raise taxes.”

Peckinpaugh’s race against Democrat and Essex First Selecman Phil Miller has garnered plenty of headlines. First there was the controversy over the recording of a debate between the candidates—Peckingpaugh’s campaign originally objected to any recording of the event before eventually relenting. That was followed by the flap over the congressional campaign funds spending and reporting to the FEC.

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